About Us

Patwa Apparel is about Jamaican messages that make the world smile.  Merging language with fashion, Patwa creates irie Jamaican lifestyle clothing for the hot, hip, hype and happening. This is done by adding designs of exciting Patois expressions along with English translations to its trendy clothing for example “nuh badda mi (leave me alone)”.
The product line comprises t-shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, blouses among other items of clothing.
Made from 100% Cotton and Cotton blends, the product is vibrant, casual, cool and comfortable with an obvious Jamaican vibe. 
Patwa Apparel is owned by Patwa Culcha International which is the 'go-to' company to commemorate Jamaican heritage worldwide by creating products and services inspiring Jamaican pride.
The brand was started by Heneka Watkis-Porter (henekawatkisporter.com).