Merging language with fashion is not new to the world. However, Patwa’s goal is not to create an innovative product for the sake of it. They want their clothing to impact the Jamaican lifestyle and culture that has been embedded in their clothes since day one.

Patwa Apparel is an apparel company that specializes in creating Jamaican lifestyle clothing from the ground up. They partner with young, exciting artists and companies like Mad Decent on their designs and collaborations which are all then sold on Patwa’s website.

Patwa Apparel is a Jamaican fashion company that creates clothing worn by the hottest, hip, and happening in their community. It is an online clothing store that sells Jamaican apparel and outfits.

Patwa clothes are worn by the hottest, hip, and happening in the community with Patwa Apparel.

Jamaican fashion is always in the spotlight. A lot of international big brands have tried to corner the market on Jamaican style, but they didn’t succeed. One company that did succeed is Patwa Apparel. The company has created a platform for Jamaican designers to be able to produce their own clothing with their own style and design.

Patwa has been creating apparel for the hip, happening and hype lifestyle since 2005. It provides Caribbean-inspired clothes for men and women in sizes between XS-4XL with various styles such as classic, sporty, sexy, casual and party wear. They also have clothing for children from infants to 12 years old which are also cool and trendy.

Patwa Apparel is a clothing company that combines Jamaican culture with fashion and to bring together global personalities. This is done through the use of Jamaican vernacular in their designs and branding.

Patwa was founded by two sisters namely, Ayesha Patwa, an award-winning interior designer, and Shonni Patwa, who studied textile design. They have been committed to merging their heritage with fashion. They have created authentic Jamaican products for people to wear in the most hyped places such as New York City, London, Miami and Paris.

Patwa Apparel is an ecommerce company that offers full-range of apparel that are made in different countries, by some of the most talented artisans. The company’s tagline is “Clothes for the hot, hip, hype and happening.”

Fashion is a global phenomenon. People want to follow what everyone else is doing. The world has shifted from having a focus on how things were made and where they came from, to focusing on what’s being popular now. Patwa strives to merge fashion with language in a new way.

Patwa is an app that allows users to find and buy unique clothing designs and items based on their mood or the weather.

Merging language with fashion, Patwa creates irie Jamaican lifestyle clothing for the hot, hip, hype and happening. It’s a Jamaican fashion app that lets you dress in your mood, influences you with Caribbean culture.

What makes this Jamaican clothing company so popular is their ability to merge cultural influences with fashion trends.

Patwa has partnered up with some of the world’s most talented designers and agents to create an almost endless range of clothes that encapsulates the richness of Jamaican culture.

Patwa Apparel Ltd, a British-Jamaican based company, is a leading manufacturer and distributor in the UK’s UK market for trendy, urban casual wear. They have managed to combine the up-styles in Jamaica and make it marketable overseas.

Patwa Apparel is a clothing brand founded by two Jamaican brothers. It is geared towards merging language and fashion, providing apparel that reflects the essence of Jamaican English.

Patwa has been a popular choice for both men and women in Jamaica, Canada, and the United States since its inception in 2015. They are known for their “irie” imagery and designs.

Jamaican fashion has traditionally incorporated elements of linguistics as it related to its social status. The racially charged term “nigger” was not only used as a derogatory word but also interpreted as an adjective meaning cool or down as well as being considered an acceptable way to refer to someone without using their name or surname. Patwa has developed Adidas-quality clothing that is available online at amazon and other major retailers.

Patwa is a new clothing brand that is trying to merge language with fashion. Some of the clothes on their site are hot, hip, hype and happening trends in Jamaican culture and society. Patwa started as a project by two recent graduates who wanted to create a business that could benefit the community.

Patwa is not just about making and selling clothes. They are also working on providing free job opportunities for youth in Jamaica through their social enterprise program.