The Tale of the Runaway Donkey

The Tale of the Runaway Donkey

The Story of the Runaway Donkey: How does one stay 3 minutes away from the airport and still manage to miss their flight? One has to go deeper to understand this mystery.

You see, once there was a Jamaican girl who was staying with the Huie’s. The wife, Kim, said let’s go take pictures of the Peninsula before it gets dark. Jamaican girl agrees since her flight is 8:20 PM or so she thought.

On their journey they went; stopping at every naturally beautiful spot which was almost everywhere since natural beauty is the hallmark of the 68 square mile sod - St. Kitts.

Alas, there was a donkey which ran wild across the street as if to prevent us from getting to our destination. We thought the donkey went on its merry way with its owner but nooooo. Oh no, the donkey had other plans. He came following us to our stop.

As we drew closer, he began to run wild to the point where we became really scared that both he and owner were going to go tumbling down the hill to a point of no return. After a long pursuit of said donkey, owner was able to hop on and on their merry way they went.

We too went on our merry way, to sipping Nevis Peak and Rum Punch on the beach.

All this time we were thinking check in time was 7:20 PM when it was actually departure time. But who cares? We were having fun!


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