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Centuries ago, some of our ancestors were brought to the Caribbean by European colonizers. They hailed from a multiplicity of language groups. It was evident that they faced a linguistic crisis. How do they communicate with each other? How do they communicate with those who had enslaved them? Very soon, they were granted what I believe was God-given creativity which gave birth to a new language. At first appearance, outwardly, this language resembles English – the language of the oppressors. Most of the vocabulary is based on English. However, the internal structure of the language – that is, the grammar...

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We know you cannot have enough of the Jamaican language, we can't either. It could be the fact that It is very colourful and expressive or that we are just able to make our point so much clearer when we speak the language. Whatever it is, we are proud Patwa speakers.  Here's a video for you to get more of what you love. Walk good!   Source: Jamaican Sinting  

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Representing only .004% of the world’s population, in pure Jamaican language, "wi likkle but wi tallawah".

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