Diary of a Jamaican Traveller

Diary of a Jamaican Traveller

Diary of a Jamaican traveler: Jamaican girl is booked to travel from St. Maarten to St. Kitts on 2nd December, except that someone inadvertently booked the flight from St. Kitts to St. Maarten instead of the reverse. The solution? Jamaican girl will have to hop off the flight in Nevis and take ferry to St. Kitts. Such was the decision made. What a likkle plane? You cannot stand on the plane - it is that small. The tek off bumpy suh till! Memories of the Tata on a rough Jamaican country road ran crystal clear.

Upon reaching Nevis, Jamaican girl was informed that the taxi to town to catch the ferry will cost US$25.00 compared to US$4.00 by bus - a no brainer which had an accompanying risk of not catching the 12:00 PM ferry given it was 11:10 AM and the buses ran few and far between.

The Jamaican girl is an entrepreneur, a true risk taker - she got to the dock with time to spare. I believe what happened earlier in the airport in St. Maarten aided n making this financial decision too. Jamaican girl did the unthinkable - bought a burger for US$20.00 yes US$20.00. I think she is going to need therapy to get over that one.

Jamaican girl is now in St. Kitts. There being no sign of her host who was expected to meet her when she gets off the ferry, she asked a local for a call to make contact. The plot thickens as the number no longer worked. Thankfully she had the address; she asked for direction to the bus stop to catch the bus to get there on her own. She gave the driver the address; he took her to the community with the instruction to 'just ask someone to show you the number house'.

Of course, it was by now a needle in haystack situation - being in the middle of a housing scheme with no idea whether she should turn to any of the 4 cardinal points. Alas, contact was eventually made with a co-host by way of going through call history to identify a St. Kitts number; he then made contact with host and a resolve was near in sight. Lo and behold Jamaican girl was very close to her host home at this while.

All in all what was supposed to be a 25 minutes trip took half a day. Oh well! All's well that ends well.


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