6 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying T-Shirts

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6 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying T-Shirts


T-shirts are given this name since the human body forms a shape of T after wearing T-shirt. There are many advantages associated with T-shirts. For instance, T-shirts can be worn in any season, and you can wear them under jackets in winters or take off the jacket to use them as a vest in summers, it's as simple as that. Moreover, T-shirts are mainly considered as affordable dressing as compared to other forms of clothes. All of us do buy T-shirts, but there is a big question mark on whether we purchase the perfect stuff. The answer is a big no, and the reasons are very familiar and repetitive, top six of them are:


Right fit is not chosen:

When one goes to a garment store, he checks and examines each and every aspect of the piece of cloth which he is considering to buy. But it is widely noticed that, in the case of buying T-shirts, people tend to have a more careless approach. Maybe because they do not trust T-shirts as a regular part of their dress, which is an entirely flawed perception as the T-shirt industry has completely revolutionized and there is more acceptance of T-shirts even at workplaces, while initially they were used in casual events only.


 Fabric Type is not investigated:

Again, this is another dilemma which is associated with the shopping of T-shirts. Due to more casual approach by the buyers, low-quality T-shirts are being spread in the market. So, it is a need of the hour that whenever we go to buy T-shirts, we must investigate and ask the seller about the fabric type from which the T-shirt is made. Imagine, would you buy your business meeting suit without considering its quality and stuff? If not, then do the same with T-shirts.


T-shirt types and buyers' confusion:

Mainly, there are two basic types of T-shirts, the first one is plain T-shirt which has been being used for decades, whereas the other is V-neck T-shirt which is relatively new and has a shape of V from the side of the neck. Buyers often cannot decide which one is to be preferred. However, it solely depends on one's choice and occasion for which the purchasing of T-shirt is being done. If you look to wear T-shirt as the vest under the winter coats, then conventional T-shirt is perfect, while the V-neck shirt is good if you want to wear it on its own to have a stylish look.


Considering T-shirt a Summer Dress:

T-shirts have the capability to be worn under your jacket as a second layer of protection in severe Winters. Similarly, they can also be worn in summers with jeans to help in getting some air inside and to feel comfortable, which shows that the T-shirts are equally good for all the Seasons.


Color & Style:

This is another mistake on buyers' part - they are unable to choose the color and style of T-shirt according to their needs. T-shirts are available in several styles at the eLablez online fashion store as well as from the Patwa Apparel online store, for example, graphic T-shirt is the one which has some graphic or text engraved on it, these kinds of T-shirts are made for adventure or tourism purpose and are less prone to be used for a formal occasion for example



It is a sort of myth, linked with T-shirts that they are always cheap in price. It goes without saying that T-shirts are less costly than other kinds of dressing, but there is a difference in being cheap and affordable. Buyers do have a negative perception of cheapness regarding T-shirts, and they do not want to pay a good price even if the quality and stuff deserves it. That is why, after getting satisfied with the standard of product and comfort level, one must not be afraid of throwing some bucks!


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